IconOil Group

IconOil Group is a junior oil and gas company primed to take advantage of the current industry down-cycle and the worldwide search for lower carbon energy sources. For IconOil, the timing is perfect.

The Group formed in 2015, and rapidly acquired a promising portfolio of land and technology. We are now starting to drill wells in a variety of locations. We intend to create wealth by lifting the value of our land, marketing multiple resources, and patenting our new technologies.

Our substantial land base (150,000 Ha) stretches across much of western Canada, and Northern Sweden, combining six separate fields or reservoirs, shallow and deep.

Our resource portfolio is quite diverse, including a mix of hydrocarbons, helium and hydrogen gases, and geothermal energy.

Our technology includes exclusive rights to Hygenic Earth Energy systems, (hydrogen and geothermal) along with radical techniques for drilling deep wells and harvesting multiple products simultaneously.

Operations are managed from the 13th floor of the Husky Tower in Calgary. Strategic Planning takes place on Canada’s west coast, near Vancouver

Mission – Learning Through Success

IconOil’s mission is to grow quickly and become very profitable, short and long-term. Within 18 months we project enterprise value to increase by a factor of ten.

Profitability will result in part from adopting new paradigms that transform how oil and gas businesses find, extract and market resources. IconOil will become a working example of how oil and gas industries can rapidly become a profitable and green, helping to transform energy sector.


Times Enterprise Value

Business Model – Industrial Ecology

From the perspective of industrial ecology, a single asset like a well or reservoir becomes a source of multiple products. Functionality is first optimised at the most local scale, starting right at the wellhead, and sources of revenue expand.

The mix of products and services drive a complex and constantly changing local economy. Each participating business contributes to the local industrial ‘food web’, and the entire sector becomes more competitive and adaptable.

IconOil uses industrial ecology as the foundation to better business. We combine this approach with new science and innovative technologies that help us find light oil, methane and gas liquids in unusual locations. Our goal is to use these conventional resources as a ‘bridge’ to a sustainable mix of earth resources, while taking full advantage of existing infrastructure.

Conventional reservoirs become ‘Troves’ that produce hydrogen and geothermal energy, noble gases like helium, critical fluids and precious metals in solution. In the process everyone benefits from positive synergies, expanded markets, and greater resilience.

Better Science

Better Technology

Better Business