Interactive Plays

Six Plays are selected to work interactively – creating a sum much greater than the parts.

The Plays sequence and scale up, from smaller investments at lower risk involving more conventional resources, to much larger investments with asynchronous risk and a more diverse set of resources. This means that limited capital is leveraged for rapid self-sustaining growth. Conventional resources become the ‘bridge’ to sustainability.

The Plays benefit from common innovations and patented technology for sensing, drilling, extracting and processing, – improving results throughout. A diversity of locations and geological formations helps to mitigate any external risks, such as new government policy or new market forces. Success in just one Play provides insurance for all others.



A Sum Greater than the Parts

Profits and resilience are enhanced through many synergies, making IconGroup a microcosm of Industrial Ecology. The Plays support each other through co- financing, scientific advances, innovations in technology, field test opportunities and shared staff and facilities.

Gross Enterprise Value: Expected Growth - ($ millions CAD)

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Timeline to Cash Positive

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Better Science

Better Technology

Better Business